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SIMU › NIGHTLY › #378 2 days ago
FIX: missing cursor for way-removing, copy defaults correctly
Testless build
SIMU › NIGHTLY › #377 6 days ago
FIX jps route finding: also turn to get around/into canals
FIX: connect canal bridges to open sea
FIX: enable building of dock without pier (len==0) with ships in front of them
FIX: correctly initialize way_height_clearance in settings_t
FIX: building underground transformers respects way_height_clearance
Testless build
SIMU › NIGHTLY › #375 1 week ago
FIX: do not connect canals across slopes to the sea
FIX: only connect water tiles to canals with matching ribis.
Testless build
SIMU › NIGHTLY › #372 2 weeks ago
FIX comment
sqapi ADD methods is_valid to check whether in-game object is still present
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
Build Completed Code commits Tests