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frosch frosch 27989 27989 -Fix (r27985): VA2 optimisation failed in various special cases:
  - nvar=0 is meant to return the calculated result.
  - Missing references resolve to NULL and got identified with the default result.
  - Missing 'break' broke overlapping cases.
  - Splitting into non-overlapping cases could result in more than 256 cases.
frosch frosch 27988 27988 -Codechange: Extent hg- and gitignore for .vs
frosch frosch 27987 27987 -Change: Increase maximum allowed vehicle sprite size to reduce clipping of ships.
frosch frosch 27986 27986 -Codechange: Name magic constants in the vehicle position hash functions.
frosch frosch 27985 27985 -Codechange: Convert VA2 switches into ones with non-overlapping ranges, sort them and resolve them using binary search. Speedup sprite resolving by about 7 percent.

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