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Andy &lt;; Andy <> 8c7bd1b20908f47c6b8705b33fcc6ec47d65d061 8c7bd1b20908f47c6b8705b33fcc6ec47d65d061 Merge remote-tracking branch 'ottd/master' into road-and-tram-types
frosch &lt;; frosch <> 2f7ac7c41f46dfc0d16d963ea5c6de2f8d144971 m 2f7ac7c41f46dfc0d16d963ea5c6de2f8d144971 (svn r27886) -Fix [FS#6575-ish]: Do not modify argv[0].
frosch &lt;; frosch <> dd3d824894ac2e0a926c8ee45112f67462b3d2aa m dd3d824894ac2e0a926c8ee45112f67462b3d2aa (svn r27885) -Cleanup (r27844): ESR_MAX_COST_EXCEEDED and ESR_PATH_TOO_LONG meant the same thing, but only one was used. Keep PATH_TOO_LONG since it has the better documentation.
frosch &lt;; frosch <> 5e7a50c8eb8bbc2b0a6cbb877d3c9dbb0268974d m 5e7a50c8eb8bbc2b0a6cbb877d3c9dbb0268974d (svn r27884) -Fix: Console command parser failed when the command had many parameters, and also did not print any error messages about it.
frosch &lt;; frosch <> 968f1151d164e23f1d512cf293d9270f62c076aa m 968f1151d164e23f1d512cf293d9270f62c076aa (svn r27883) -Fix [FS#6576]: Console command parser passed invalid strings to the debug output, if command lines had many parameters.

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